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Molecular biotechnology

Referent dr. Gaetano Perrotta - - tel. 0835-974746

The activities of Research, Development and Technology Transfer done in the field of "omics" Science  are the result of a detailed and complex process of evolution and enhancement of the  skills here  available, with advanced scientific-technological infrastructure and platforms and heritage of know- how acquired over many years of experience. The RST&D activities consist, in summary, in the development, research and application of biotechnology to different fields such as  agro-industry, food processing, agro-energy and environment. The ultimate goal, pursued in partnership with the research community and with the public and the private enterprise system, is to improve the "competitiveness" of the overall supply chains, agro-industrial, agro-food and agro-energy, paying particular attention to requirements of "sustainability" of the different production stages and the "quality" of the productions and their derivatives.


Sectors of intervention


Advanced diagnostic technologies (biological, chemical and physical) for increasing the quality and competitiveness of agro-food production: development of devices for rapid molecular screening; identification of molecular factors that regulate the accumulation of compounds with positive action on human health; development of molecular assays with the latest technology for the identification of biological contaminants in food and agricultural products; identification and characterization of new materials and environmentally sustainable packaging; development and application of NMR analysis techniques for the determination of origin and geographical variety and the traceability of food products;


Development of innovative methodologies, for a more efficient bioconversion of vegetal  biomass into compounds environmentally sustainable and high added value for the development of new biocatalysts to energy and environmental interest: Development of new technologies to improve the availability of compounds with high industrial interest from crop production; new methods of meta-genomics to select microorganisms and metabolic functions with positive action for the accumulation of bio-products with high added value and for environmental remediation.

The Laboratories

Functional genomics

Nuclear magnetics resonance